September 15, 2014

My Days of Gratitude: Day 5. Hello Handsome!

Spot the nose!
Dr. pointed out the nose, the mouth, the cheeks, the hands and others but all I see is..... (fill in the blank)

Never thought it'd be this nerve wrecking. A mixture of feelings all boiled up into one - nervousness, curiosity, anxiousness, blissfulness, Oh-no-will-I-ever-be-ready??!! It is a journey of no other, to be watching your body doing its own work, and accepting the fact that you are just a mere observer and there's nothing much you can do, really.. that all you got to do is wonder, put your full trust in God, sit back and enjoy the moment.

It's astonishing how much love we have for you even before we even met. It is funny how comforting you can be during my times of need; always assuring me that I am not alone from your soft kicking and turnings, or on some days, the somersaults.

Tentatively I'll be seeing you in less than 7 week's time.. ! You are my one tough cookie, I pray hard for smooth delivery, good health; physically, mentally, emotionally.. for all of us!

Can't wait to see you, Handsome!

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